Moong dal Instant OPOS Laddoo

Based on Opos method, I have tried my dear friend Ravneet's recipe with little changes. It was such a healthy recipe that I cant resist to try. The results are awesome, I just wonder if I would have made ditto hers how amazing that would have been. Her Opos halwa is must try. I had gone further one step from halwa to laddoo and included almond powder.
This is so far the most healthy recipe I had tried. How I never thought of relishing Moong daal halwa coz of heaviness of loads of ghee and time and energy it requires. But Ravneet's recipe not only made it instant but so healthier. I can think of roasting and keep powder ready well in advance if I expect guests at home and it could be prepared instantly. Lovely. The feedback from my family is so encouraging, I can think of trying more Opos recipes now. 😉

Less ingredients, less efforts, less time consuming, No ghee, No white sugar, Guiltfree what are you thinking....  what else can you ask for. Can a dessert be so healthy yet d…

Beetroot Energy Balls

Yeah, as always beetroot finds its way to my new recipe as well. Undoubtedly, for its goodness I bring these red vegetable every week to my house and they are almost there in one of my dishes, either in form of beetroot raita, beetroot chaas, beetroot soup or beetroot energy drink. Now I have made Beetroot energy balls. 😉

Had I not discussed the goodness of beetroot in my earlier posts?,I will quickly let you know why beetroot is so good for you. Its the best antioxident a great body cleanser and detoxification means. Helps improving liver functions, boosts hemoglobin levels,cures Arthiritis, combats anemia, controls diabetes. Do I need to tell you more...

This recipe is an original experiment one, I had been thinking to make beetroot halwa but then wanted to avoid sugar. Again, when I thought of replacing it by dates puree making laddoos came to my mind. And finally, when I was on preparation I thought of making it purely healthy one with no ghee. 😀😌🤐. Lol.
One ball in morning br…

Instant choco kullfi

Yes, instant Ice creams are easy peesy, quick and yummy surprise you can give to your friends family and guests. Doesnt really need many ingredients. Almost everything is available in every household.
I am talking about my experiment I did few days back using leftover brown breads and volla, its a hit recipe. Since my family is a chocolate lover I gave it a chocolate flavour using cocoa powder. Its the first time I used cocoa powder and it turned out well.

Bread work wonder in giving ice creams a thick texture it needs and honey gives it smoothness and rich texture.

Instant ice cream
Makes :4

4 bread slices
Milk half litre
Cocoa powder 2 tbsp
Honey 2 tbsp
Dry nuts finely chopped or grounded (optional) 2 tbsp

Method :
Cut the sides of bread slices and cut into 4-5 pieces. Keep aside.

Heat milk in a pan. When it starts boiling add cocoa powder and mix, then add bread pieces and switch off the flame.

Let it sit for 10 mins. When it cool downs, Give it a good mix with honey i…

Potato Rice porridge

When it comes to baby food ,I tend to be super cautious on what should be given, what can be colic, what are the nutrients in the food. I had a toddler at home and I try to make as healthy food I can so that he develops taste for it and gets indulge in good eating habits.
Soups, fruits, leafy vegetables and different pancakes loaded with vegetables are my daily cooking schedule.  When my son was just 8 months I introduced rice water and daal water to him. As soon as he was used to it, I introduced this rice potato porridge he must be 10months old by then. But then the consistency was thin, very diluted liquid. Later, I made it little thick when he was a year older and since he's 14 months old he eats it straightaway like he eats ricedal khichdi. In this I have added a tsp of grated carrot also since my son is 16 montgs old and I keep adding vegetables wherever I can. 
The simple combination of rice and potatoes with salt is infact delicious. I add pinch of ajwaen to avoid any col…

Mango frooti

Dil hae ki maanta nhi... Everyyear I decide that I will avoid Mangoes this summer and every year I dont follow my promise. Heart rules over my mind. 🙄
If I cant give up on my favourite fruit, do you really think kids would do? 🤗

In hot scrotching heat cool refreshing drinks are always welcome. Not only kids I have seen number of older generation too fond of mango frooti. But somehow, I think home made drinks are far far better than these marketted drinks loaded with sugar and preservatives. Who knows the quality of mangoes they pick. I prefer making it at home though mangoes are themselves very high in sugar, its always better to limit our intake. There are plenty of other drinks available. Once in a while is ok.

Mango frooti preparation is not that lengthy or difficult process, infact I found it damn easy. But this drink once prepared should get consumed within 3-4 days as I have not used any preservatives.

Mango Frooti
Makes 5-6 glass

Ingredients required
4 ripe big fleshy mango…

Mango semolina cake

One of my favourites, Mango Semolina cake is very moist and delicious. I read it somewhere and could not control myself and tried. Believe me, this is one of the best I made so far. Using less and healthiest of ingredients, this makes one enjoy the Mango flavour guiltfree. No maida, no butter, no cream, no milk. This time I used sugar but next time may be I will try with jaggery.

Unlike others I didnt use oven or microwave to bake , I made in cooker for those who dont own any oven and still can make them. You can use any deep heavy bottom vessel like kadhayi instead of cooker. No need to put sand or salt. Just a stand inside do the purpose.

Mangoes are in season and I love to use seasonal fruits for any dessert. I have made many mango varities and posted , you may love to try : Mango oats ice cream, Mango Frozen Yogurt, Mango Sheera,Mango Daal, Mango Oats Pie.

This recipe is unique and healthy coz I have used suji instead of all purpose flour or maida. Lets learn

Mango Semolina Cake

Red Energy Drink - Beetroot Pomegranate Apple Juice

I call it Red Energy drink coz I think this is the most healthiest drink I make at home for my family. Full of nutrients, Vitamins , minerals and energy and so so good for health.
All the Ingredients have powerful medicinal properties. First is "Pomegranate". It has impressive Anti Inflamatory effects. It lowers Blood Pressure, helps fight Arthiritis and joint pains, fight bacterial and fungal infections, what not. Second is "Apple", as the famous saying An apple a day keeps doctor away, Everyone is familiar with this power packed disease fighting fruit. Good for heart, weight loss, liver health, skin...list goes on. Third is "Beetroot". Yes best antioxidant and being rich in nitrates can reduce stroke, heart related diseases and blood pressure. Improves Liver functions, boosts hemoglobin levels, helps detoxification, cures Arthiritis combats anemia, controls diabetes, a great body cleanser. Combining a super food vegetable that doesnt really taste so g…