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Mango frooti

Dil hae ki maanta nhi... Everyyear I decide that I will avoid Mangoes this summer and every year I dont follow my promise. Heart rules over my mind. 🙄
If I cant give up on my favourite fruit, do you really think kids would do? 🤗

In hot scrotching heat cool refreshing drinks are always welcome. Not only kids I have seen number of older generation too fond of mango frooti. But somehow, I think home made drinks are far far better than these marketted drinks loaded with sugar and preservatives. Who knows the quality of mangoes they pick. I prefer making it at home though mangoes are themselves very high in sugar, its always better to limit our intake. There are plenty of other drinks available. Once in a while is ok.

Mango frooti preparation is not that lengthy or difficult process, infact I found it damn easy. But this drink once prepared should get consumed within 3-4 days as I have not used any preservatives.

Mango Frooti
Makes 5-6 glass

Ingredients required
4 ripe big fleshy mango…

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