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Orange Marmalade

How I brought those juicy seasonal oranges for my little one,  toddler at home, with hope that he would enjoy his favourite fruit last week and the very first one turned out to be so so so sour that I actually thought hard what to do with the rest of them. After many suggestions and advices from dear friends I made up my mind to give try to jam or marmalade.

Nothing could be better than homemade marmalade. I usually don't bring jams to home else my elder son ends up having chapati with jam in lunch, parathies with jam in tiffin... so its better not to bring it.

 😂Lolz.... I knew sour oranges at home were just half a dozen in hand so it wont make any large quantity and since I wont be using any preservatives so it should also not last more than few weeks. So finally I gave it a try and undoubtedly the marmalade made me go crazy. Tangy and sweet and that too home made.... I must share it with my friends to encourage to have homemade than market ones. This can be stored in clean ja…

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