Multigrain boondi raita

Multigrain flours are in these days. People are educated now about its benefits. Eating right is first step towards healthy food habits. We often use multigrain flours for chapaties or bran or cereals but have you ever heard of multigrain boondies. I am sure you had not.
It was an instant idea which came out so well that old time besan boondi failed !! 😂

Here's my style of making boondi

In a bowl mix powders _ suji, ragi, oats _ 3 tbsp each.
Salt 1 tsp ,red chilly pwdr 1/2 tsp,
Enough water to make it a dropping consistency.
Take puriwala channi n with a spoon put this mixture on channi over oil. Let it drop fast in oil.
Fry golden n take out on paper napkin to absorb extra oil.
Whisk curd n add seasoning of your choice (i added black salt, black pepper n roasted jeera powder) n add this boondi.
Crunchy boondi raita is ready


Neetu Shetty said…
Hats off.. nice idea for crunchy raita