Suji sheera ( for infants)

When infants starts foods they are usually started with liquids and gradually to semi solids and by year old they are put to solids too. Every child is different and may start early or late, depends on his/her immunity, digestive system and body reaction to each food item. All are adviced to introduce each food item one by one and after a gap of minimum 3-4 days. We must check carefully how baby and his body responds to a food. Some develop allergy to certain foods sometimes and if we dont watch carefully we may not know which food isnt suiting baby.

Suji sheera is few of the first things people try feeding babies when they are to introduce to thick liquids from clear liquids. Often at the end of 6 months kids learn to take liquids and it is time we should adjust the thickness of liquids.

Lets learn to make simple and easy to digest light suji sheera to start with.

Things required
2 tbsp suji pre roasted (roast till aroma comes)
Milk 1/2 katori
Water 1 katori
Jaggery 1/2 tsp ( in case infant is a yr old) else dates puree 1 tsp.

Note : we have taken half milk and full water as cow milk could also be heavy to baby hence diluting it. Sugar must also be avoided as it shoots up the blood sugar instant, baby might not be able to release energy he should. Hence use jaggery or dates puree instead depending upon the kids age.

Method :

In a pan add ghee, suji and roast for few seconds. Add water and let it come to a boil. Add milk now. Cook for 2 mins stirring continuously. Add jaggery or dates puree in last when you switch off the gas.
The consistency should be running for 7+ month old baby while it should be dosa like batter when baby gets 8+ months and gradually the consistency should be like idli batter when he's 10+ months. At 1 he can enjoy the sheera as thick as we eat.

Note : Do not introduce dry fruits to children below 1 yr old as it is too heavy to digest. We are already adding little ghee.
The pic has been taken of sheera prepared for a yr old baby.