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Poha laddoo

Recently learnt these delicious sweet poha laddoos from Ms. Neelam Awasthi who shared it on a mutual food group. Dont be surprised, you read it right. Its made up of our poha. People make traditional maharashtrian poha in snack or even use it for cutlets / tikkies but laddoos were unbelievable. Lovely!

Poha the name only reminds us of kanda poha (MP state) / matar poha (UP state)/ poha sev (maharashtra) and now a days new version is creating rage in metro cities - corn poha. Besides this, poha was making a good binding and cover purpose in tikkies to give it a firm and crispy texture. Until few days back when I learnt these yummy healthy laddoos , I was in fix what to do with huge stock of poha in my home. Thankfully got the recipe just in time.

The best part of the making of these heart melting laddus was that it was not at all cumbersome process, infact was quick and easy to prepare. What more you will ask for? I know you want my thumbs up ! 😹
Its already given , do you really thi…

Moong Sprouts Dosa / Chila

I am so so so fond of these chilas or dosas that I keep bringing variations in it. Few days back I enjoyed Moong bean sprouts chila. Chila or dosa whatever you name it, they are the same.
Sprouting of beans is easiest among all and making moong sprouts at home is better than market's ready made ones. Now why I took sprouts? They are wonder food due to its high nutritive value. Dont tell me you know little about this healthy food. Not to worry, I am here to educate about ingredients I always pick. Sprouts are good for healthy body and mind development. It purifies blood, strengthen immune system. Sprouts are no less than a medicine.
These are germinated seeds of legumes which are full of health promoting qualities, packed with adequate protien and calcium. If you want to reduce weight, you must include this high fibre food because of its preserving and promoting health aspects.
Sprouts are rich in fibre, nutrients, enzymes, protiens and are low in calories. However, you must take care …

Green Peas paratha

How many kinds of parathas do you think exist? Well, I would say infinity 😜😂😋 Lol, ask any punjabi and he/she would tell you number of parathas you cud not even imagine. Let me try how many do I know - Aloo paratha, Onion paratha, Methi paratha, Mix Veg paratha, Dal paratha, Sattu paratha, Green peas paratha, Corn paratha, Plain ajwaen paratha, lachcha paratha, gobi paratha, sprouts paratha, cabbage paratha, spinach paratha, paneer paratha, cheese paratha, pizza paratha, multigrain paratha, beetroot paratha, mooli paratha.... ummm I give up. Its 20 I can name. Not bad. 😉. But I promise I will teach you ol of them one by one. Sattu paratha I already did if you remember. Now its Green Peas Paratha today.

Being punjabi myself I had been relishing parathas in breakfast almost daily throughout my childhood. Aloo paratha being my favourite , saves me for dinner when there are no vegetables at home. 😉
As the name suggests paratha word comes from parat plus atta means cooked layers of …

Oats Bread Pizza

Pitzzaaaaa yeaaah ! No no no no not that cheesy one you are thinking about. Coming from me ?! Hah, Being health freak I am focussed on healthy cooking and eating habits so here pizza has been named for its familiar looks only. Awww... dont be disappointed. This is going to be more delicious than your circle of cheese, triangle of calories.

Yes, I have changed your typical italian dish into desi one. Lol. Here the base is not regular maida dough base but multigrain bread, toppings are vegetables of your choice but no cheese please and no baking, its made in heavy bottom flat pan. Hmm, now everything sounds healthy and right.

I had made this dish with semolina also earlier but this time I used Oatmeal instead of suji. And both the ways it tasted yum. By changing the ingredients and method of cooking you can certainly make any unhealthy dish into healthy one.  Though I dont bring or bake breads at home, rarely do I bring these multigrain bread, say once in every 15 days. So it has to be…

Corn oats pudding

Asusual went to my favourite work station ie. Kitchen with someone's recipe but made something else. I just cant follow any recipe from start to end or what 😉 very bad very bad. 😠. But you can see I always come out with something new. Isnt it great. 😉. Very good very good. 😝

Yes as the same suggests I took the seasonal ingredient corns for my dessert. I always like to eat seasonal fruits or vegetables but now everything is available everywhere off season too. Enjoying rains with hot bhuttas sprinkling over it little black salt, red chilly and rub lemon juice... mmmmmm 😋😋 gone are the days when we cud only think of enjoying this cereal as hot steaming bhuttas. Anyone who has eaten fresh corn on the cob knows how satisfying it can be to chew. Corns has become popular over the years and now gets added in number of dishes. Be it gravy corn palak, pizza, salads, dessert, fritters, rice, tortillas, dhoklas, what not. I love corns and keep adding it to almost every other dish. I a…

Kelyachi baajhi or Raw banana vegetable

Raw banana vegetable here means green triangular bananas found in maharashtra which makes a very common and popular side dish in every mahatashtrian household. Quite easy, less time consuming and has unique taste.
It has to be eaten cooked, either boiled, steamed or fried unlike ready to eat yellow ripe bananas. Its good source of fibre, vitamin b6, minerals, and starch, it helps to manage weight, blood cholestrol levels and blood sugar. Hence it has high nutritional value. A greener banana means you will absorb less calories. Did you knew that ? 😏

Its as simple as stir fry method of indian cooking. Ideal for begginers who can also try it without any doubts. Simplest and healthiest dish for lunch or dinner. Goes well with chapati.

Its been a decade am living in mumbai, learned and adopted many maharashtrian dishes in meals and believe me the spicy maharashtrian food is addictive. 😜
But sounds so hilarious when we count famous maharashtrian dishes.. pav bhaji, vada pav, samosa pav, …


Mumbai monsoons arrived last week and so the rainy food cravings ! Hot samosas, vada pavs, pakodas... I have become typical mumbaikar .lol. I remember in childhood I would get drenched fully in our garden at home on swings alongwith my sister and brother. We three would enjoy rains thoroughly. And to top it our mom would also join us ... hahaha. Our beautiful garden would look extremely breadthtaking with flowers like marigold, roses and lilies. Swing at one end and pond on the other end with lotus and frogs ki tarr tarr in night. Hill on one side with natural waterfall and cactus all over it.Rabbit cage aside and how we would become worried during rains for them coz of snakes. Watching quietly parrots from our windows early morning eating chillies, bhuttas and guava. Lovely memories. Getting nostalgic. My kids being a metro citizen are not enjoying the nature and life like we did. I wished they could.

The rains by then were beautiful. We would feast on hot hot bhuttas or besan pakod…

Stuffed okra and bhindi fry

Bhindi in hindi, also called as okra or lady finger in english. It contains potassium, vitamin B, C, folic acid, and Calcium. Its low in calories and has high dietary fiber content. Okra has been considered to manage blood sugar in diabetes. Hence lady finger is very good for health.

Bhindi chopped and prepared in little steam with just hint of masala use to be my favourite with ajwaen parathas. Yum. My mom use to make it crispy. I remember my mom use to make two types of okra on same day. Half being chopped ones and half stuffed kinds. Stuffing of spices _ fresh roasted jeera grounded and coriander powder, chilly powder n garam masala. Hot and spicy. Mom's dishes were always awesum. Unfortunately my son never liked lady fingers. Neither chopped nor stuffed. Lol I use to feed him forcefully telling that eating okra increases and improves maths skill. 😂😂😂 and he use to gulp for the sake of it.

Now a days he has developed taste for chatpati items so with little change in spices …

Zero Oil Stuffed Capsicum

Zero oil recipes are great way to keep health under control. Zero oil food is equally delicious as oily ones but more nutritious. By adopting various other ways of cooking like steaming, grilling, etc. we can easily convert our food more healthy and nutritious. Oil plays a vital role in adding pounds around our belly but cooking without oil sounds like eating without spoon. Not difficult really. We can very well manage that. Right !

For me zero oil was never boring and blant tasting as I adopted this technique long back when I wanted to reduce weight. And learning to cook delicious without oil was not so hard. Its just that we may have to alter our tastes and change few habits. Its all in our mind and with little control over our taste buds we can simply enjoy all that we eat but healthy and nutritious. Like said earlier its not so hard cooking without oil, thanks to new age techniques, we are now blessed with new innovative, advanced electronic and cooking range in our kitchen which…