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Brocolli soup

As I am dieting I am on my healthy diet as usual. Thought of sharing one of my fav brocolli soup which is not only nutritional, healthy but helps in weight loss.
Brocolli belongs to kale, cauliflower vegetable family. The beautiful small trees looking florets are super nutritious. These powerhouses supply loads of nutrients for little calories.
This is very healthy soup as I have not used cream, cornflour or any such thing which can contribute to fat component. One serving of brocolli soup has 200 calories approx. As I have not strained the soup, it is high on fibre too.  You may strain it for smooth texture but if you are dieting I would suggest keep the fibre in soup intact and dont filter it.

Preparation time 10 mins
Cooking time 12 mins
Serves 2
Calories per serving 200

To make Brocolli soup You require

Brocolli 1 cup chopped (with stems)
Onion 1 small
Garlic 2_3 cloves
Vegetable stock 3 cups
Black pepper/ white pepper and salt as per taste
Butter 1 tsp
1 tsp oregano and 1 tsp mi…

Oats pancake

Oats oats oats !! So much oats around me and I cant help it, I am on diet dude !! 😂😝
Oats is the best option if you are trying to manage your weight. Yes dear you have to give up on those white flours in your kitchen and replace them by oats.

Not so famous earlier, some says it was horse food.. some even says it was poor man's food. All great excuses not to include it in their meals, probably they dont like it. Oatmeal, oatbran are significant sources of dietary fiber. Health effects of oats are best if half to one cup of oats are eaten daily.

Oats are best if taken in breakfast yet can do good to you even if you manage to include it in meal. Easiest and quick to prepare is Oats pancake. Hint of mint gives it a special aromatic touch while curd makes it little tangy, the combined grinded and ungrinded oats makes it thick yet soft pancake. Once tasted it will leave the desire to have more. Believe me, you are yet to explore your taste buds. Come on, you can give this recipe one …

Instant CurdOats and Overnight Curdoats

14 yrs back when I came to Mumbai , I could sense the devastating change of food culture from north I was going to face. When I had hot white matar wale gol gappe first time I was staring at gol gappa wala bhaiya like what the hell had you served me. My dejection has slowly been converted to addiction with time 😂. Yup, now I like mumbaian food a lot. Being metropolitan city it serves all states food and people from all states are residing here, hence south indians, gujaratis, oriya, bihari and bengalis are more around me besides north and marathi people.
Curd rice was my staple food initially as it was easily available at any resto and was yum. I explored with a south indian friend how its been prepared but could not actually dare to try it myself as the process of making it seemed difficult to me. Fear of spoiling milk and cooked rice overpowered my courage to experiment with it.
Lately, when I almost gave up rice making the same dish with oats came to my mind. Yes I replaced rice …

Chana Dal Oats Dhokla

I never knew I would become so addictive of dhoklas. I can bet no one makes or brings so much variantions in it as I do. I keep making them so often that they are easily put to my experiments but my efforts never go waste. They always turn out nice, soft, spongy and flavourful. Be it in combinations or just plain I keep changing the ingredients. For last 2-3 yrs dhoklas are always there in breakfast minimum twice a week. Rest days I experiments with idlies 😂😂. Lol by now you all know how my mind works... I am more inclined towards steamed and non oily breakfast. Yes lighter to stomach.  On weekends and holidays I prefer skipping breakfast and do brunch at one go so dhoklas are my weekdays preference and also they are quick to prepare, thus making it an easy choice to opt for when I am short of time.

Dhoklas known to be gujarati's savoury can be made with different ingredients and combinations. I had earlier posted many such variations. Some needs to be fermented, some are insta…