Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beetroot Soup

Yes you can say now a days I am on soup spree. Home made, healthy, warm to energise me at the end of my tiring day.
I usually always made soups on weekends all these years but now for my Nonu singh at home ( yes I have an infant to feed) I started making soups every second day. I want to feed my baby all vegetables if not in any other form then atleast in soup. And being health conscious I otherwise too dont use any unhealthy ingredients like cornflour, etc.  My choice of ingredients are such that I dont even need to add any thicking agent. Yes , you can yourself discover my soups arent filtered ones ! Moreover, infants, toddlers will love the soup and mommies would be happy to feed them healthiest of all.

I had shared many beetroot recipes over here like beetroot raita, Multigrain beetroot pancake, Beetroot pomegranate juice, Beetroot buttermilk, etc. As already emphasized on health benefits beetroot offers us I will not repeat it today. Its a must come vegetable in my home every week. I keep trying it in different combinations so as to not get bored of gulping in same dish ! 😂😂
Yes, I have so many dishes yet to share made up of this wonder vegetable , will do soon. Keep checking.

Come on, lets learn the 4 step easy beetroot soup.

Serves : 3 big bowls
Time taken : 25 mins

Ingredients :
2 big beetroots
1 potato
2 medium sized tomato
1 small carrot
1/2 onion
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
Pepper as per taste
Butter 1 tbsp (optional)
Water 4 cups ( adjust as per thickness you require)


Step 1 : Wash and chop all vegetables.

Step 2 : Pressure cook the chopped vegetables with water, salt and sugar for 3_4 whistles.

Step 3 : when cool, blend them well in mixie or churn with a hand blender till smooth.

Step 4 : Place the soup again on gas and add pepper.

Serve hot with a tsp of butter over it. (I skipped)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Carrot Bottlegourd Tomato Soup


Today sharing another healthy soup from my kitchen which is not only good for elders but toddlers too. When babies start liquids we can easily introduce this healthy nutritive soup to his diet. The three main ingredients or choice of vegetables I have taken, makes a delicious and highly nutritious soup.

My first take is a popular root vegetable with amazing nutritional properties - yes I am talking about "Carrots". Most of its benefits can be attributed to its fibre content and antioxident agents. From this orange crunchy powerfood, you not only get Vitamin A , C , K but a host of other health benefits too. These aren't trendy but are beneficial for beautiful skin, cancer prevention and anti-aging.

Secondly I chose "Bottlegourd" which is extremely popular for weight loss. This simple vegetable is full of minerals, vitamins and water ( 96%). It not only helps in managing weight but also reduces blood pressure and keeps heart healthy.

Lastly I chose "Tomatoes". Do you know just one serving a day of Tomato based food can have an incredible effect on your health. These sweet, juicy, delicious plant food has number of health benefits which includes improved eye sight,  digestion, reduced blood pressure. A fruit often treated as vegetable, these versatile juicy tomatoes are also known to promote bone health and prevent osteoporosis and asthama.

Why Soup : A warm starter before a meal especially before dinner helps in filling your stomach yet improves your digestion.

Serves :  4  bowls
Time taken : 1/2 hr

Ingredients required
Tomatoes 2 big no.s
Carrots 4_5 medium size no.s
Bottle gourd 1 cup peeled and chopped
Salt as per taste
Black pepper freshly crushed
Water 3 cups

Method :
Wash, peel and chop all - carrot, bottlegourd and tomatoes.

In a pressure cooker put the vegetables, salt and water and give 2-3 whistles.

Drain the water in a seperate vessel and churn the vegetables with a hand blender or mixie. Add seperated vegetable stock if required to ease churning.

Add all water kept aside to this and strain the pulp twice thrice so that a smooth running consistency is obtained. Add water and adjust the thickness of soup as desired.

Again reheat the soup before serving in bowls. Sprinkle black pepper as desired.

Serve hot with soup sticks or just like that. I enjoyed my cup with wheat rusk 😉
Can add little butter over soup its optional.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fruity Smoothie

Do you know kiwis have more vitamin C than oranges? No, But you certainly know an Apple a day keeps doctor away. What if doctor is handsome..... 😂😂😂
And how about pear ! Juicy green soft pulpy one. Here, its a mix of all of them. Khichdi bna do sabki !! 
Now a days green juice is getting very famous. Infact, people are more aware of healthy drinks than few years back.Everybody knows how nutritious green juice is and this fruity smoothie is no exception. Its so incredibly delicious. The sweetness of apple and pear flavoured with sharp tanginess of kiwi enhanced by spicy ginger. Ginger - again another wonder food, good for soothing our digestive system. Its a great and perfect breakfast fix bursting with vitamin C.A big glass of this wonderful thick fruity smoothie with a slice of toast with almond butter or egg whites is the healthiest way to start the day. 
Hello, you still need the recipe ? 😜
Just put all of them in a juicer, ready in a jiff !! Ok make a note of it : 
Serves 1 tall glass
Calories : 120

1 Kiwi
1 apple 
1 pear 
1 inch ginger 
Pinch of flax seeds powder to top it 
1 tsp of crushed almond / powder to garnish
Put everything in a juicer grinder. Give it a quick rounds. Pour in a glass. Garnish with almonds and flax seedspowder. Serve immediately.
 Give it a try, it is health heaven !!