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Carrot Fudge

On any festive occassion fudges or burfis, laddoos are must and they are so desirable that everyone tends to forget the loads of calories it contains. One just want a break and feast upon these. What if I tell you I am going to share fudge with no calories. Interesting na 😋

Usually fudges or burfi are made of milkmaid, khoya but in my recipe you will not use even sugar !! Yes, I tried my hands on a concept of making sweet without sugar, ghee or khoya and believe me outcome is as yummy as any other burfi. Though I dont know how long you can preserve this but nevertheless, I dont think they would either last any longer than a day or two 😝😝

Carrot Fudge
Ingredients I took were :

1/3 cup gramflour or besan
1/3 cup semolina or suji
1/3 cup oats
1 /2 cup gur or jaggery grated or powder
Carrots chopped 4 no.s
Ghee 1 tbsp (optional)
Water 1 cup
Milk 1 cup


Pressure cook carrots with water for 3-4 whistles. Open lid n add jaggery so that it melts in it. Keep aside.

In a pan dry roast…

Rice Appam Cake

Baking is something I rarely do. Not that I dont like to but I dont get time with infant at home.But still I get time to experiment with things around me when I am in kitchen 😂😂

There were some over riped elaichi kela ( smaller bananas) lying and I knew no one would eat it so naturally my indian desi dimag ki batti jali ! Lol, I thought of making banana cake I read few days back on a food group but neah.... no baking. What to do? Ok I can make banana cake appams. With no recipe in mind I just thought to make it with rice flour afterall sweet rice flour appams are been made in south . Right na !

Keeping it simple , I combined rice flour, semolina, milk and bananas to a cake like batter. And appam cakes were ready in a jiff ! Finished in no time. Ooh la la !
It can be a good kids party item.

Makes 15 appam cakes

Ingredients required
3/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup semolina / suji
3 tbsp sugar
3 ripe elaichi kela
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking soda
3 tbsp raisins
2 drops vanilla essence


Chocolicious coffee hungcurd Ice cream

As the name hints , you can take it as another diet food. I am serious , yes, no cornflour, sugarless low fat, diet Ice cream.
These days hung curd is in and has replaced the creams in almost every dish. I tried and used it in hungcurd sandwiches , hungcurd tikkies and even shreekhand. Now I tried ice cream ! Yes, hung curd replaced our heavy thick creamy milkmaid / milk for an ice cream. I had no doubts before I went ahead with my instinct as I knew the ingredients I had in my mind will definately make a great combination.

Little Sourness of hung curd, bitterness of coffee, sweetness of grated milk chocolate and raisins worked wonders ! Yes definately, I used oats to give it that desired thickness inplace of cornflour and keep my dessert healthy. And mind you, result is just awestuck.

So here's my wonder diet ice cream

Ingredients required to serve 4 generously 😉

2 cups of hung curd (should not be sour)
1 cup of skimmed milk
Honey 3 tbsp
Oats powder 1 tbsp
4 tbsp grated milk ch…