Unusual Dhokla Recipes

Originated from Gujarat state of India, Dhokla has become one of the popular snack item in every household. The soft and spongy juicy Dhoklas are easy to cook, easy to digest. Dhokla and Khaman are similar and frequently used terms interchangebly. But there is a difference. Dhokla is made with a fermented batter of rice and split chickpeas while khaman is made from soaked and grounded split chickpeas or chickpeas flour.

There are different kinds of dhokla preparations using different ingredients and ratios. These are generally served with sev, fried green chillies and chutney.

Here' the collection of Dhokla Or Khaman from ritzinkitchen at one place for you

1. Instant Moist Dhokla
2. Moongdal Dhokla
3. Blackeye bean Spinach Dhokla
4. Multigrain Corn Dhokla
5. Rice dal Spinach Dhokla
6. Chana dal Oats Dhokla
7. Sprouts Dhokla