Special treats - Sweet 18 unique recipes for this festive season.

Healthy yet delicious and not the usual ones. Here's my tried tested and loved special sweet recipes , try then this festive season to win hearts !

1. Carrot Suji Laddoo
2. Vermicelli Oats Laddoo
3. Oats coconut Burfi
4. Steamed dal payasam
5. Foxnut kheer
6. Corn oats pudding
7. Poha laddoo
8. Chocolaty coffee hungcurd icecream
9. Mango oats ice cream
10. Mango sheera
11. Puran poli
12. Cornmeal orange cake
13. Semolina almond cake
14. Firni
15. Carrot Fudge
16. Rice appam cake
17. Oats Coconut Dates Laddu
18. Oats Carrot payasam.


  1. Absolutely yummy collection - with a promise of health!!

    1. Yes and collection will keep increasing 😂😉


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